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Our Wire EDM machining capacities are:

  • Max travel 21.7” x 14.6 x 12.0”
  • Max work piece size 41” x 28.7” x 12”
  • Taper ± 30 deg
  • ± .0001 Positioning Accuracy
  • Submerged cutting
  • Regularly used wire diameters:
    .012” & .010 “
    (Others available upon request)
  • Anti-Electrolysis
                Minimal recast layer
                Reduced rusting
                Reduced discoloration
  • Linear Glass Scales ensure exceptional positioning accuracy and repeatability

Our Wire EDM machines are equipped with glass scales and the industries best wire threaders, which makes us your best source for accuracy and fast turn around on all your multi cavity and complex die components as well as your production part needs.  This along with our C.A.M. programming systems allows us to meet or exceed your tolerance specifications and delivery requirements.
At SKS we stress customer service, competitive pricing and fast turn around.

Take a look at what SKS can do for you.

  • 24/7 operating capability
  • C.A.M. programming
  • Tool and Die components
  • Tool repair
  • Production EDM
  • Gears & Splines
  • Prototype Parts
  • Shims and Gaskets from .001” thk & up
  • Custom Fixturing
  • Custom Tool bits
  • Templates
  • Key ways
  • Pick up & delivery available

    SKS also offers:
  • Complete Tool & Die services
  • Tooling can be designed and built for you or ran in house.
  • Stamping: Steel, Brass, Copper, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Titanium, Tempered Spring Steel, Plastic, Galvanized.
  • Up to 300 ton stamping capability
  • Short runs to high production
  • Secondary machining
  • Assembly

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Phone: 330-669-9133 - Fax: 330-669-9210